Singer/songwriter Meggie Shays is tracking a single at VertuStudio. We're shaping sounds that access the beating heart of her work, showcasing her inventive guitar playing, meticulously-sculpted lyrics, and an intense vocal delivery that brings to mind a host of great artists such as Lori Carson, Laura Marling, Melanie, and Sarah McLachlan. Stay tuned for the release of Meggie's single in the days ahead.

Madison party rock band Family Reunion recorded a six-track EP as a calling card for booking their 2017 summer shows. Here, guitarist Archie is taking a turn on the house 1959 Les Paul Junior. The band made full use of our guitars, amps, and stomp boxes as well as their own, turning the studio into a guitar player's paradise. The quintet tracked the entire project during a two day lockout, with a free setup day included in the package.

Milwaukee band Big Dill & The Boys checked in to record 'Sunday Blues', a chocolaty piece of mellow songcraft with a tasty one drop surprise tucked inside. We recorded the track in one pass, recut the lead vocal, and then added some classic roots and dub effects at mixdown. Cheers to Big Dill! VertuStudio is pleased to help Big Dill & The Boys get their sound on this great song. Listen to Sunday Blues, and visit the band.

We've installed a pair of GoldenEar Technology Triton Two loudspeakers for 'consumer-level' reference monitoring. If you're interested in hearing what's really happening in your low end, these speakers will tell you, all the way down to 20 Hz - no subwoofer required. The Triton's signature sweet spot lies midway between clinical and flattering. If your mixes sound good on these, they'll sound good everywhere.

We've added more preamps and DSP to the VertuStudio toolbox. Our Universal Audio / Audient I/O configuration is a logical combo with great flexibility for swapping out preamps and inserting analog hardware devices at the front end. In the DSP department, we've added nearly every available Universal Audio Powered Plug-in. Explore a multitude of great-sounding and endlessly fascinating analog and digital options.

Reamping on the fly is a VertuStudio specialty. Bring in your stems and run them through our analog and digital toys, from vintage tape echo and stomp boxes to the latest in SHARC-based processing, including tools by Universal Audio and Strymon. Reamp tracks through our tweaked-out Fender and Marshall amps, and cut new tracks on the fly in our performance space. 

We're geared up for narration and audiobook recording here at VertuStudio. Sit back, enjoy a cup of herbal tea with tupelo honey, and read us your manuscript – we'll make sure that every word rings clear. We'll get you jump started at no charge, and then we'll work with you to complete your project, on-time and precisely on-budget. Let us know if you need voice talent - we have some exceptional male and female speakers.